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coach mike mcguire lacrosse

Want To Get Better At Lacrosse?

Take Your Skills To The Next Level

I customize my sessions based on the individual needs of each athlete, but here is a short list of skills you can learn by training with me.

Cradling, dodging, and maneuvering

Cradling, dodging, & maneuvering

Shooting drills & offesnive techniques

Shooting drills on goal & offensive techniques

Defensive positioning

Defensive positioning

Ball movement & play-making

Effective concept of ball movement & positioning one’s self for play-making

Improve Your Skills.

Increase your Confidence.

I’ll help you gain the skills and techniques necessary to be successful in your
athletic growth – and have fun doing it.


Make Moves Today.

Group Training


Get in touch

Before committing, feel free to ask me questions to discuss your goals and expectations so I can make sure you get the best experience possible.